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Tribute to Jerry Beavan


"ANC"—American News Commentary—is now in its 10th year of publication by email. From day-one of publication it has met a need, and has fulfilled its purpose, in the words of one regular reader, "ANC should be distributed far and wide. I don't think there's anything like it anywhere."

He is probably right. A weekly commentary on the current news, written from a Pro-American, Conservative, Evangelical Christian viewpoint by mature, experienced, knowledgeable observers of the American and international scene and based on thorough scholarly research, is truly unique, and it is doubtful that "there's anything like it anywhere."

ANC has a distinct advantage in the current American situation; that advantage is expressed in the brief phrase: knowledge based on experience. Here in America we have a president involving us in wars who wasn't even born at the time of World War II, the Korean conflict and Viet Nam. He is expected to deal with an economy in recession, but he wasn't born when we went through the Great Depression. But the men who prepare and present ANC were here and experienced those events, and others which have paved the road we must travel today, and in the years ahead. These are not inexperienced amateurs. They are mature, experienced and knowledgeable—not going through "on the job training."

ANC will interpret current events from a viewpoint you can depend on, and provide its readers with a commentary to help understand what is happening today, and to bring about changes to result in a better tomorrow.

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