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A Tribute to Jerry Beavan
by Dick Innes of ACTS International

I  first saw and heard Jerry Beavan speak in Brisbane, my hometown in Australia, in either 1957 or 1958 when Jerry was making preparations for the 1959 Billy Graham Australia-wide crusades which had a profound impact on my country. I never forgot how at that meeting, Jerry, with his very warm personality and great sense of humor, said that he was now, “Harf and haff;” that is, an Aussie “harf” and an American “haff”!

Several years ago a good Australian friend of both Jerry and myself, Les Nixon of Outback Patrol, put Jerry and myself in touch with each other. Les Nixon, and his then excellent gospel musical team, worked very closely with Jerry when Jerry was in Australia planning the Billy Graham crusades. As I do the website for Nixon’s Outback Patrol, Les asked if I would be happy to do a website for Jerry which was titled, American News Commentary. This was to publish Jerry’s excellent Christian based news service articles and his very timely and well received New Evangelical Viewpoint articles. I counted it a real privilege to work with Jerry as his ministry with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Crusades had such a powerful impact, not only on Australia, but around the world. Jerry’s work was so effective, it is understandable why he became known as the International Architect for the Billy Graham World-wide Crusades.

Also, by way of interest, quite a few of the workers, both staff and volunteers, involved in our Australian office of ACTS International were won to Christ through the Billy Graham Australian crusades.

Up until the last few weeks Jerry and I were in constant contact via-email and from time to time I would drive down to have lunch with Jerry in his home in San Diego. Most of the time he would have me pick up his favorite sandwich from Subway just down the street from his home, and we would have such a warm time of fellowship. I counted my friendship, and all of my contacts, with Jerry and working with him in his dynamic senior year ministry a real privilege. I, too, will miss him sorely. But I also rejoice with all Jerry's family, friends and associates who knew the Lord as we will all meet at Jesus’ feet and be together forever in new bodies that will never decay or grow old.

ACTS International

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